Thursday, January 3, 2013

international/private vs normal school

I have nothing much against but I do know it cost alot to go there and most kids are practically spoiled there. Air conditioned, small classes, well highly equiped, very canggih I guess in everything.  I may be right and also wrong but everybody has their own reviews ..

My parents has decided to send the youngest to international school this year instead of registering for standard 1 in normal public school. My other siblings including myself were against the idea. We feel it would spoiled and manja-fied her , as she is already spoiled being the youngest.

I am not jealous for what she's getting. It is difficult to compare as we were not born in the same year, nor the same era. Families are more stable as the family grows so she gets the leisure.

But I have my reasons being against it. I feel right now since she is still young, it would be easier to control her spoilness and that difficulty comes as she aged .. and who will be the one pening?

I also feel she should be exposed to normal school and be friends with many, and maybe enrolled her when she is in secondary cause that would benefit her more in terms of university placement or what not..

My parents asked my opinion and I let them know what I feel. But they still brought her there to sit for exam for placement and deposit payment to secure sit.

And a day before school opens, my mum still asked us but we gave our answer but she disagreed.

Since international school starts nextweek, my mum sent her to normal public school , sksj on the 2nd january..

She cried cried cried cried cried (-_-) and got home 2 hours early and told the father that she wants to go international school.. reason?? "Panas laaa sekolah situ" ..

I thought 1st day of school should be fun no matter how hot the wheather is ?!

Okla so she is going. End of story. Not upset just annoyed.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

bye bye 2012 .. hello 2013 !

Major life events in ...
2011 : a doctor and a wife
2012 : embracing pregnancyhood
2013 : motherhood? in sha Allah.

Every year new year's resolution would be to become a better person but I think I need to be more specific than just 'better' ..

This year's (2012) NY resolution, I planned to save up more and my aim was to add 1/5 of my salary to my ASB everymonth but -- i failed ! I usually keeps them and do one lam-sam so that I don't have to go back and forth to the bank but keeping them means spending them too !! :((((((((((
And when I had the time to go this month, it has already closed for divident count etc2.. SAD !
My aim was to have certain amount by end this year but I was not near to half :(

Becoming a better cook was another resolution.. I cooked but i would not consider myself a great one YET ! To invite people to come and eat at my place is a nerve-wrecking. I am not confident at all with my cooking yet.. so.. another resolution not 100% fully achieved.

I could not remember the others but to compare with the year before, life pretty much settled in 2012. Things handled better, and I have learned to control myself better.

Just one issue -> i'm having this emotional blunting for the past 2-3 months maybe? I'm not sure if pregnancy has anything to do with it but if the emotions hit me, I weep like a baby .. I am not kidding.
Oh well, positive thinking would be it is just me protecting myself from being overtly emotional with the hormones at its peak.

This year I want to be really specific with my resolution.
1) I want to learn and be expert at cooking what Ijul likes for raya -- rendang, lontong, that yellow kuah (lodeh was it?) , that kuah kacang .. Laksa johor - eventhough it's the family's favorite, husband is first now so... gotta learn this one !!
2) I want to become a better muslimah. Even how busy I would be, I have to try to make it for solat and try as much as I could not to miss every waktu (quite a problem this year) .. &  Maybe qatam another round this year ? In sha Allah
3) To don hijab in sha Allah
4) When baby is here -> I will not nag when baby cry all the time, I will not complain when baby is cranky, I will not let bibik do stuff for my baby when im not working (except washing clothes/diapers), i don't want bibik around when i jalan2 with baby and hubs (vacay/shop), hmmmm so much more ! I want to be the first to bath (that is quite impossible cause the nurse in the hospital will be the FIRST !!)

I want to be the first to kiss -> also quite impossible .. Ijul will for sure hover around the baby and me? --> mmmmmmmmm.. waiting for doctor to be done repairing my perineum or waiting for the observation period to be done so I could be transfered out to normal ward..


it's okay. maybe the first to wean the kid at 6months, and hopefully the 1st to see the kid taking the 1st step unsupported ;))

okay since he is the 1st cucu and nephew for both families , nobody can bring him out from KL/Selangor area until I do .. I want to be the first, ok bye !

okay next...
5)I  need to register for my masterprogramme !! atleast to sit for one in June in sha Allah.
I'm quite certain I love paediatric.. Eventhough my knowledge is still poor due to lack of reading but passion is there. That is most important.
Why paeds ??? hmmm I don't know. I feel very sincere working in that department. Never complained. Always loving it eventhough I'm now what people called sarat , I loved it there.
6) Umrah with husband
7) Save up more !!!

That are my aims for next year :)
May Allah ease and bless each steps. in sha Allah.

Happy New Year ;))

Monday, December 10, 2012


I have a big ambition ! Haha mm
I said its big because they say breastfeeding is a challenge for all first time mothers.. and i am going to be one soon insyaAllah.

I want to fully breastfeed my child till 6months old. I really want to.

And since my work is an abnormal one, i sure need a breastpump. Already fell in love with medela brand.

The best so far in market with good 2nd hand value and highly recommended one. Most of my colleagues are using medela.

One of the latest brand is 'freestyle'. They have two pumps and u no need to hold onto the pumps when it is pumping hence the name freestyle.

One thing ive learned , u really really need to be extra rajin to browse around and compare price or else u will be cheated.

Most medela freestyle outside is 1788 but there are places who sell for 2k+!! Including online websites and including dealer from hospital !!! Pffttttt..

Few places sell it best 1399rm .. at bebehaus bangsar village and robinson once i saw . Not sure if they are still in stock now coz i surveyed them earlier lastmonth ..

I compared to UK price of medela freestyle, tesco sells it for 255£ and boots for 265£ ! Much cheaper kan? Contains the same set and same warranty .. can claim VAT somemore .. of course ill grab tht one.

Newzealand sells it for 1800rm after converting ..

Yes it is expensive but i believe it is for long term investment and a good breastpump last .. every nursing working mother needs a good breastpump to avoid soreness and acheness .. :)

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

antenatal class?

I feel it is beneficial but ijul and i decided not to go.

Sdmc offered good course of antenatal class which held once a week for 4 weeks and 3 hours each session.

I enquired them when i was 30weeks pregnant and was a bit late but they dont mind slotting us in.

Unfortunately, my work schedule is never friendly and i dont usually get a weekend off.

Hence, we decided to spend the weekend (when i have one) together instead of going for the course. That will be more worth it :)

Since I had a lil knowledge learned from work, i can teach him a bit larr :)

Other then that, to you tube we go for antenatal class ;) yattaa !

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

epidural or not?

This disturbs me.. Which would I choose for pain relief while in labor.

There are 3 types.
- gas , layman calls it laughing gas whilst we medical ppl call it enthonox.
It acts by giving some relief of pain but what I think is that it made u high in some way where ur mind dont really focus on the pain. Some vomits taking the gas, but most still feels the pain even by inhaling the gas.

-opioids. Most often they give is pethidine , injected most commonly on the buttocks.
Painful !! And it also acts as sedative. Actions are pretty slow, some feels really sleepy when they are fully and bearing down. Still, most do feel pain but treshold varies. Better as compared to gas.
The drawback of pethidine is that not only it made u , the one in labor sleepy. It also made the baby sleep. Baby sometimes come out not crying as active as they are sedated by the meds, but we usually give antidote right after baby was born to the baby.. and sometimes, CTG in labor may shows sleeping pattern (not convincing) and some practitioner, they wouldnt want to risk it and opt for caesarean section..

Lastly.. epidural
The best pain relief, ever ! No doubt. Eventhough very few might still perceive pain bt mostly are satisfied with it.

My colleague recently delivered this morning, she took epidural when she's dilated 4cm. She slept soundly till she was fully dilated ! She did not feel any pain at all and she was satisfied. Eventhough to get the baby out takes longer time, but she was pain free the whole time ! She fully recommends epidural to me ..


What scares me is not feeling the pain. Because that pain makes u push for the baby to come out. And instrumental delivery is high when u take epidural. Since effort is poor  , baby cannot be inside for too long so to aid the baby out, ended up with vacuum or forcep.

I have no idea what to go for pain relief. Really no idea !!!!!

I was just hoping that my pain is severe only when im more than 6cm dilated, and not to wait too long ?

Or.. I was hoping that I would have high pain treshold and when the pain comes, Ill try to distract myself with packing or cooking or watching tv or walking till the pain is once every 3 mins ? Hmm..

Clueless ... gas will be my only choice for now thou. Im just afraid if i regret not taking epidural when im already more than 6cm dilated. and they will not allow for epidural at that time

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30 weeks...

..pregnant now.

My thoughts right now :
1. Will I be able to go through normal labor
2. Will I be strong enough to withstand labor pains
3. Will I need any pain relief?
4. Can my baby withstand the stress of labor?
5. Will my baby be alright..

And the list goes on.

The fear is there for almost everything. Palpitates everytime I overthink about it.

But everytime baby dance inside, it soothes me somehow. :)

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

all the little things

Ijul owned a honda civic fd2r before. I know he loved that car so much, and i loved it too. And it is so easy to know that he's nearby with that particular engine sound that the car made.

3 - 4 months pregnant, he decided to let it go after 5 yrs. I can tell that he cried inside aloud , but too 'macho' to show. He said : ' this car doesnt fit if we are going to have a family' (awww teared)

And car is very bumpy. Not so safe for pregnancy.

Ijul has been great. I love him and couldn't thanked Allah so much for blessing me with a great person to love and live with.

Almost everyday he would fetch me from work. Layan my food aversions (choosy a bit during pregnant) , layan all my emotional moments and worked really hard to ensure that we can live on our own and not relying on anyone else.

He's great. We stayed in kl but since pregnant, we seldom stay there as it is always easy for me to eat at home and take a holiday from cooking , laundry etc. And our workplace is in kl! We travelled daily but he never complains.

Whenever he fetched me from work, ill be in a hungry state. And one fine random day, i would get a vitagen and chocs/chips in the car to munch on the way back home.

My obgyn is dato dr siti at sjmc, and she is a very popular obgyn. People sacrificed to wake up at 630am to grab the earlier numbers.

We usually take the saturday appointment as it is convenient for he and i. He would wake up and take the number for me early at 7am and if im not working, he asked me to sleep and rest instead when i offered to go and breakfast together while waiting. Declined ! Forced me to sleep.

These small little things made me happy. I don't need a billboard of announcement telling the world he loves me, or flowery poem to express his feelings or weekly bouquet of flowers to wowed me.

These small things are good enough. Because small things made bigger things extra special ;-) 

Thanks sayang for being perfectly you ;-)

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