Thursday, January 3, 2013

international/private vs normal school

I have nothing much against but I do know it cost alot to go there and most kids are practically spoiled there. Air conditioned, small classes, well highly equiped, very canggih I guess in everything.  I may be right and also wrong but everybody has their own reviews ..

My parents has decided to send the youngest to international school this year instead of registering for standard 1 in normal public school. My other siblings including myself were against the idea. We feel it would spoiled and manja-fied her , as she is already spoiled being the youngest.

I am not jealous for what she's getting. It is difficult to compare as we were not born in the same year, nor the same era. Families are more stable as the family grows so she gets the leisure.

But I have my reasons being against it. I feel right now since she is still young, it would be easier to control her spoilness and that difficulty comes as she aged .. and who will be the one pening?

I also feel she should be exposed to normal school and be friends with many, and maybe enrolled her when she is in secondary cause that would benefit her more in terms of university placement or what not..

My parents asked my opinion and I let them know what I feel. But they still brought her there to sit for exam for placement and deposit payment to secure sit.

And a day before school opens, my mum still asked us but we gave our answer but she disagreed.

Since international school starts nextweek, my mum sent her to normal public school , sksj on the 2nd january..

She cried cried cried cried cried (-_-) and got home 2 hours early and told the father that she wants to go international school.. reason?? "Panas laaa sekolah situ" ..

I thought 1st day of school should be fun no matter how hot the wheather is ?!

Okla so she is going. End of story. Not upset just annoyed.

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