Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dian Pelangi Malaysia ;)

Alhamdulillah, Mama has opened a boutique !!

She was aired in Nona 2 weeks ago, and now the shop is finally open !!!

Dian pelangi is a brand from Jakarta , owned by Dian herself who is a very talented, pretty and very young lady too ! Dian pelangi offers colourful outfit which mostly find them unique and irresistable.  And even before my mom brings the shop to Malaysia, Dian already has many followers especially among hijabers. Her hijab style is Fantageous ! She brings style to hijab !

Saturday , 10th March 2012, Dian pelangi malaysia was officially opened in Bangsar Jalan Telawi by TYANA.

TYANA is a unique name whereby the owners combined their names to one. TY is from KATHY, my mom's nick, and Ana is from Datin Ana Zakaria. They have been awesome together and have worked really hard to ensure their dream of opening a boutique be true. And what you see today, is their dream came true.

I took a leave for this special event, which was the soft launching of Dian Pelangi MALAYSIA.

We waited for the guests to be settled from 2pm-245pm. Our guest of honor on that day was Datin NorJuma. And she is another beauty inside out that I adore personally.

We had few delegates from Indonesia Embassy, fellow medias, relatives, friends and Dian followers which also Liked Dian Pelangi Malaysia page.

The event went well Alhamdulillah ! The two mommies opening speech were sweet and motivational.

The fashion show was a jaw-dropped. I really had my jaw opened during the runaway.

There were 7 models , 3 were Malaysians who were not well trained model but still looks just like one of them. And 4 indonesian models who studied in Malaysia, tall, and can model very well too!!!! With all of them wearing Dian collections, they all were just mesmerizing ! All DP collections were to die for !!

I feel like I want all of what they were modelling. Even a crumpled hijab looked stylo ! hehe..

The event ended at 5.30pm which followed by a high-tea and 10% OFF for Dian Pelangi collections ! First day was ALHAMDULILLAH. I could not express more but I am definitely proud ;)
A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Mama and Aunty Ana ;)

They organised a hijab workshop by Dian which was free of charge on the next day 11/3/2012. I was not able to attend as I had to work. But I heard the turn out was great ! 40 ++ hijabers attended the workshop !

Do visit us !! I'll be around during my off days which will not necessarily falls on weekend.

We are situated at BUTIK DIAN PELANGI, No 17-1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar. 
Same row as Devi's corner, above Lanna Restaurant , Next to Mimpi kita, Opposite La Bodega ;) 
Don't forget to LIKE us on DIAN PELANGI MALAYSIA facebook page and follow us on twitter @DianPelangiMY

Hope to see some familiar faces around !! spread this good news ! and look forward for another section in Nona this week or next ! ;)

p/s : i had my girls worn Dian Pelangi during my Wedding Reception last year ;)

 xoxo =)


The Girl said...

babe, wuts the price range for the collection?

Chocolate Lover's Soul said...

you can get cardigans below RM100. Long dresses about 100-200 range. Come drop by ;)

The exclusive ones are pretty expensive but the casual ones are affordable.

Syera Begam said...

wow...looking forward to drop at ur place :)

ifrah Hussein said...

Can I order one of the wedding dresses? i have no idea where to get it specially here in america.

Ainol Nadia Abdul Aziz said...

How much do the wedding dresses cost?